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About PTW

PTW established in 2004, one of the world’s leading manufacturer of sputter target, granule and thermal evaporation materials for physical vapor deposition technologies (PVD).

  • High Purity Metals: Chromium(99.99% Cr), Molybdenum(99.99% Mo), Tungsten(99.999% W), Tantalum(99.995% Ta), Niobium(99.99% Nb), Silicon(99.999% Si), Scandium(99.99% Sc), Copper(99.9999% Cu), Titanium(99.99% Ti), Aluminum(99.999% Al), Nickel(99.99% Ni), Nickel Alloy(NiCr, NiV, NiCrSi,…) alloy and Aluminum Titanium Alloy(AlTi, AlCr,…).
  • 3D, MIM and surfacing coating metal powder.
  • High Purity and Ultra-Dry Meatal Salts, Metal Chlorides, Fluorides, Bromides, Iodides, …
  • High Purity Oxide and Fluoride.
  • High Purity Rare Earth Metals.
  • High Purity Platinum Group Metals.
  • A3B5 and A2B6 Semiconductor Materials.
  • Thermoelectric Materials.
  • High-Current Contact Materials (Cu-W, Cu-Ni-W, Cu-Cr).
  • Optical Thin Film Coating Service.
ISO 9001:2015